Extra Curricular Activities

Play for Sport – Play for Sport is a Sports Readiness program designed to prepare preschoolers for recreational, organized and competitive sports play. Children are entering organized sports at younger ages each year, and many are unprepared for the difference between free play and organized team play. Play for Sport emphasizes sportsmanship and fair play while introducing the players to a variety of sports. Through fun games and skill drills, children learn the basic rules and skills needed for sports such as soccer, basketball, T-Ball and more! Playing sports does much more for children than simply keep them active. If coached properly, sports can instill important life skills and values that young players can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Participating in the Play For Sport program teaches children: sportsmanship, conflict resolution, relaxation, respect, concentration, cooperation and self-esteem. www.playforsports.com

Floppys Mouse Club – Floppy’s Mouse Club’s proprietary and copyrighted curriculum is specifically designed to provide lesson plans that possess a clear objective to be taught each month by the instructors. Working in small groups, our students learn a new and important computer skill each and every month. Key components include computer terminology, computer etiquette, mouse control, opening/closing programs, saving files along with an emphasis on keyboarding skills. After a new skill is acquired, our instructors continue to incorporate these skills into their current curriculum. www.floppysmouseclub.com

Dance – Fitness Kids In Motion Dance offers an introduction to ballet and tap. Each class includes warm-up, bar work, center work, and combinations. Dance classes utilize props and lively music routines to keep classes exciting and fun. Each month, we send home super cards to let parents know what their child is being taught and how their child is progressing. www.kidsdancecompany.com

Gymnastics – Fitness JD Sports Mobile Gymnastics instructors have been trained and certified according to USA Gymnastics Kinder Accredited Teacher program and safety certification program. Additionally, all instructors strictly adhere to all guideliines and skill progressions prescribed by USA Gymnastics. Skills include: progressive tumbling, bars, balance beam, vaulting trapezoid/springboards, incline, barrel mats and motor movements. www.jdsportsmobilegymnastics.com